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Actually getting data with quill

Quill is a pretty cool scala library for generating SQL quieries at compile time. It has beautiful syntax and I really enjoy using it BUT it is really difficult to get set up with. This is a simple tutorial that should get you to the point where you have returned data from a MYSQL database.

To start with we need to download the library. I will use SBT to include the library with the following code:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "mysql" % "mysql-connector-java" % "5.1.38",
  "io.getquill" %% "quill-jdbc" % "0.8.0"

This will download the MYSQL driver needed as well ast the main quill library. Now for some code. All of this will be in the src/main/scala directory. The first file needed is which will contain the needed application settings:


This is all the configuration we need to connect to a MYSQL database hosted on localhost and the database TestDB. Quill allows easy object with case classes so we need to create these to hold the data. In this schema I will represent the current US presidential election with a table for candidates:

| id (Int) | name (String) | election(Int) | party(Int) |
1 Hillary Clinton 1 1  
2 Donald Trump 1 2  

This is a very simple table and we will call it Candidate. A case class is all we need to represent this in scala. This will be what quill returns when it gets data from the database. I will put this in a package called DBObjects to store these case classes.

package com.vogonjeltz.election.db.DBObjects

case class Candidate(id: Int, name: String, election: Int, party: Int) {}

Now we need to connect to the database by creating a JdbcContext. This requires us selecting our dialect and a naming strategy. The dialect is the type of sql we are usig which in this case is is the MySQLDialect and the naming strategy is how the names of the tables and fields are transformed. I will be using Literal which wont transform them at all. The easiest place to put this context is in a package object. I will put it in the db package. Here is src/main/scala/com/vogonjeltz/package.scala:

package com.vogonjeltz.election

import io.getquill.{JdbcContext, Literal, MySQLDialect}

package object db {

  type JdbcDatabase = JdbcContext[MySQLDialect, Literal]

  lazy val ctx = new JdbcDatabase("ctx")


Now to select data from the database. The methods we need are in that context instance so accessing them is east as importing db.ctx._. The quote method is what quill uses to create the SQL at compile time (or runtime if it can’t figure it out). Here is a test App:

package com.vogonjeltz.election

import com.vogonjeltz.election.db.DBObjects.Candidate
import db._

object Main extends App {

  import ctx._

  val HRCQuery = quote {
    query[Candidate].filter( == 1)


This will generate the SQL SELECT * FROM Candidate WHERE id = 1 (or equivalent). This is can then be executed by running it against the context:

val HRC =


This will print out: Candidate(1, "Hillary Clinton", 1, 1) and there you go. You have successfully got data from a MYSQL (or whichever db you used).You can read about more complicated queries here.

Thanks for reading,


Freddie Poser